Implementation of Mozzies Alumni Program funded by DFAT – from April 2014 and ongoing – 20,000AUD/annually


The Mozzies Alumni is acknowledged by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Government of Mongolia as a highly successful Alumni Association. The Alumni network has contributed considerably to building a strong relationship and enduring links between Australia and Mongolia across the public and private sectors and civil society. In recognition of the important role the Mozzies Alumni plays in maintaining this sound relationship the new phase of the Australia Awards in Mongolia Program, commenced in July 2013, provides for an allocation AUD 20,000 p.a. for Mozzies Alumni Association professional development activities, particularly focusing on AAS and AALP graduates.

Alumni activities provide a forum for ongoing exchange of knowledge and continuing professional development built on shared experience as awardees in Australia. Mozzies Alumni members have a significant record of contribution to the development of Mongolia and recognition of Australia assistance in Mongolia. It is envisaged that the Alumni program of activities funded through this AAM allocation will enhance this Alumni record of achievement.

Purpose of AAM funded activities

The Australia Awards in Mongolia (AAM) Program is committed to working collaboratively with Mozzies in developing and delivering this program of professional development activities. The partnership between the Mozzies and the AAM in developing and implementing this program of activities for aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Mozzies is supported in building its profile and capacity, strengthening its networking, communication and collaboration with other existing professional networks in Mongolia and with international Alumni networks;
  • Mozzies is supported in its further development as a key professional development network that contributes significantly to development impacts in Mongolia;
  • New opportunities are opened up for Mozzie members and other AAS and AALP Graduates, to capitalise on and enhance knowledge and skills gained in Australia, particularly through knowledge exchange, research, policy reform and other professional development initiatives;
  • The program of activities funded under this Program results in facilitating extensive knowledge sharing particularly in AAM priority fields of study and across the Thematic Advisory Group employment sectors[1];
  • Government, institutional and professional links between Mongolia and Australia are further strengthened;
  • The AAM program is promoted extensively through Mozzie networks; and
  • The profile and benefits of the AAM program are highly visible and acknowledged so that the AAM program is recognised in Mongolia as an exceptional scholarships program.

[1] (i) Governance and Economic Development; (ii) Environment and Natural Resources; (iii) Education, Health and Social Services; (iv) Infrastructure, …

Target groups

As the source of funding for this program of activities is the AAM, the priority target group for this program are AAS and AALP graduates. A high proportion of these graduates are Mozzie members and those who are not will be encouraged to join Mozzies.

Other Mozzie members are also targeted under this program. This includes all Mozzie members who studied in Australia, self-funded and/or under other scholarship programs.

Many of the Thematic Advisory Group (TAG) members are either Mozzies or AAS/AALP Graduates. Those who are neither Mozzie members or AAS and AALP graduates, may also be invited to participate in specific activities funded under this program. This is in line with the AAM Program’s responsibility to share learning from the Program (particularly from new Graduates) with TAG members to informing their roles in identifying priority fields of study and promoting the AAM Program in Mongolia.

Program management

The annual program (and budget) is managed by the AAM Professional Development (APD) Committee. This Sub-Committee is comprised of three AAS or AALP graduates who are also Mozzie members, and two AAM Program staff. AAS/AALP Graduate Committee members are nominated by the Mozzie Board.

AAM Program staff members of the APD Committee are the Human Resource Development (HRD) and Partnerships Manager and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager.

The Mozzie Board nominates the Chairperson of the Committee (one of the three Mozzie members) on an annual basis.

  • New graduates seminar
  • Knowledge sharing workshops
  • Call for proposals to take part in international conferences/workshops/seminars and/or training
  • Documentary film about AAS graduates and Mozzies
  • Website update –;
  • Small grants to support community development projects by Mozzies members
  • Annual conference of AAS and AALP graduates
  • Learning center

For detailed information on Mozzies Program Guidelines, click here to download it.