About Us

The Mongolia Australia Society was founded on March 3, 1998. After the first groups of Mongolians to receive scholarships from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) went to Australia in 1995, returned scholarship holders recognised the need to maintain their link with Australia and with each other. This led to the formation of the Society as a not-for profit, non-government organisation and as a central point of contact within the Mongolian-Australian community.

The Society’s mission is to promote co-operation and friendship between Mongolia and Australia. This is actively achieved by strengthening people-to-people, private sector and institutional linkages between the two countries.

Core Activities
The Mongolia Australia Society aims to

  • Serve as a network of Mongolian alumni of Australian universities, nurturing personal and professional links between members and encouraging the sharing of skills and knowledge
  • Celebrate the long-term friendship and on-going cultural link with Australia, sustained through a diverse program of activities, such as events to commemorate Australia Day, Melbourne Cup and the Australian Open
  • Share news, information and resources with its members and the wider Mongolia-Australia community through its website, newsletter and email updates
  • Act as an ambassador for Australia in Mongolia, and actively promote co-operation between the two countries, especially by maintaining a close relationship with Australian institutions.
  • Promote the various Australian scholarship options available to Mongolian students, and support applicants and returned students to Mongolia; and.
  • Undertake targeted projects that contribute to the development of the Mongolia-Australia relationship, as well as the development of both societies.

The Society is affectionately known as the “Mozzies Association,” in honour of its core group of members, the Mongolian Aussies. Many have Masters and PhD qualifications obtained at Australian institutions.

The President of Mozzies Association is N. Enkhbold, Member of Parliament of Mongolia , who leads the organisation. Mr Enkhbold is one of many Mozzies who now work in senior positions in Mongolian government, international and local organisations across all sectors.

As a member-based organisation, Mozzies members actively participate in the activities of the Society. In particular, the Board and Committee members are committed to progressing the Society and further enhancing the Mongolia-Australia relationship.

For more information, about our Board please click here and for our Membership please click here.